5 Things You Need to Know Before Replacing Your Windshield

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  1. Your safety and the safety of your passengers rely on the windshield being installed properly to meet Federal Safety Standards. The National Glass Association provides rigorous testing and certification to guarantee a technician has the necessary training to ensure your safety. Many glass shops claim NGA certification, click here and enter a zip code to find which shops are actually qualified in your area.
  2. Cut-Rate pricing means something was cut-out or cut- back. The best urethane adhesives on the market cost more, but they are certified to meet crash test criteria and they offer faster Safe Drive-Away Times. You cannot cut corners on safety. Some installers are also using cheaper imported windshields that do not meet the quality standards of an Original Equipment Manufacturer windshield.
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  3. When a company is licensed as a contractor and insured with Liability and Workers Compensation insurance you are protected. Only businesses licensed as a contractor are required to carry a bond and insurance. And liability insurance is the only coverage for property damage and bodily injury loss caused by the contractor or the contractors work.
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  4. Know what you are getting. Ask questions. After determining you are getting the most experienced, NGA certified installer, using the best urethane adhesive and O.E.M. glass, make sure they will be able to stand behind their work.
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  5. Know who you are dealing with. Word of mouth is the best reference, ask friends, family and your insurance agent who they trust to replace their windshields. Look for established, community oriented ,local businesses with actual physical locations, not someone working out of their garage. For information and ratings on businesses with the Better Business Bureau, click here.