Headlight Restoration

Studies show, when the sun goes down, your chance of being involved in a fatal accident may increase by as much as 300 percent. That’s a good reason to check your headlights periodically. Make sure they work on both high and low beam, are properly aimed and they have clear lenses. If you can’t see your bulbs through the foggy lenses then you need our help.

We offer headlight restoration to bring back the brilliance to your headlights, allowing others to see you and you to see them. This will save you hundreds of dollars compared to replacements.

For example 2000 Toyota Tundra $190@ + Labor $60@ = $500 to replace with new verses $35@ = $70 for Headlight Restoration.

Come in and get a free quote to see if we can help you see better and drive safer at night.


Safety – restoring your headlights brightness makes driving in dark, stormy conditions safer for you and your family. Not being able to see pedestrians or wildlife in time to react can be extremely dangerous.

Appearance – restoring the clarity and shine of your headlights restores the resale value and appearance of your vehicle.

Value – restoration versus replacement can save you hundreds of dollars.

Sensible – restoration is an environmentally sound practice that helps reduce waste materials in our landfills.